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Singapore 35km Power Transmission Cable Tunnels Project

Specification drives ITW Construction Products Singapore to Success

The constant development of Singapore leads the government to regularly upgrade its infrastructure. Several Projects such as the construction of the 4th Terminal of its airport have started whilst some are in the planning phase such as moving the entire harbor facilities.

With the development of its population and businesses, Singapore finds its current utility infrastructure congested resulting in high maintenance cost with no capacity available to meet future demand.

In order to maintain quality of power supply to households and businesses in the coming years, a project totaling US$1.25 billion started during Q1 2013 to be completed in 2018. It consists in 2 tunnels dug at a 60 metres underground with a total length of 35km. The construction has 6 phases.

At the end of last year, the technical and sales team from ITW-Ramset began to work with the consultants and the main contractor on the application of fixing the brackets to support the high voltage cables.

After 10 months of meetings, tests on sites, demonstrations and various calculations with all the party involved (Consultants, Designers, Government bodies, Obayashi and its subcontractors) the high performance anchor TRIGA Z A4 Stainless Steel has been approved and accepted for the overhead brackets of the first phase. The initial quantity is around 30,000 pieces and we have already received a schedule for deliveries for 20,000 pieces.

So far, the success is attributed to a clear understanding of customer’s requirements, technical know-how, ad-hoc proposal to fit application needs, strong cooperation with customer technical department and Consultants and good communication between the various functions in the company and the manufacturing plant at Spit.

Excitement is high for the rest.




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