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ITW CP Singapore Taking the PULSA 800 Technology to the Next Level!


This is a follow-up of the article “ITW Concrete Gas Technology Drives Productivity to the Next Level in Singapore Jobsites!” as published in the ITW Connect News Q1-March 2014 issue. In the last article we have covered the Government’s initiative to improve productivity while reducing the industry’s reliance on foreign labour. Government’s incentive programs such as Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) and the enhanced Mechanisation Credit (Mech-C) allow businesses to claim up to 400% tax reduction and/or up to 70% cash payout for investing in innovation and productivity improvement technologies.


We were pleased to be invited by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to share our latest P800 gas fastening system in the Smart Builders Leadership Series (SBLS) seminar which was held on the 8th of May, 2014. SBLS is an outreach programme serves as a learning platform where equipment suppliers and firms (small and medium enterprises, contractors and consultants) can come together to share on the latest products, systems and technologies that can be adopted to improve productivity along the construction value chain.

We were given 25 minutes to present in an auditorium set up to over a hundred participants and a booth to exhibit our products and marketing materials at the foyer outside the auditorium. The focus of our presentation was targeted specifically to the M&E segment where at the present, the traditional drill & plug method is still being widely used. We have identified that this segment has a great potential that could significantly increase our concrete gas sales.

The key messages in our presentation essentially cover the following:

• The versatility of the P800 system Wide range of applications & for various trades.
• P800 system drives jobsite productivity while reducing the reliance on foreign labour. This was demonstrated with the aid of videos.
• Jobsite tools requirement can be simplified with P800 system.
• P800 system can contribute to significant saving in the total installation cost. We used case studies to demonstrate this.
• Other possible applications where P800 system can make a huge difference in terms of jobsite productivity and simplicity against other method such as spot welding.


During the event we received very good response from the audience. The crowd was very excited about the PULSA 800 system after the presentation as we were “bombarded” with a lot of questions. Business cards were exchanged. Great thanks to Patrick Ong, our Sales Manager and also to Tham Kin Choong, our Technical Manager for their supports attending to these excited customers.

In less than a week after the SBLS event, our sales team had received more enquiries with some of these enquiries have been converted to sales. We are also assisting these customers in their applications for PIC & Mech-C with all the necessary supporting documents. We have conducted further presentations and product demonstrations to M&E contractors. The response has so far been very promising.


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