High-Strength Anchoring Epoxy


Ramset™ Epcon G5 is a high performance chemical epoxy adhesive specially formulated for hot or warm weather. Due to its fast curing property, you don’t have to waste your valuable time waiting for longer cure times or waste money disposing of dried up nozzles. With an extended working time (15 minutes) and a full cure in less than 2 hours, your crew can keep working more efficiently, not waiting, saving you time and money.

The epoxy resin and hardener are thoroughly and evenly mixed as they are dispensed from the dual cartridge through a static mixing nozzle, directly into the anchor hole.

It is ideally used in tropical climate and it works well in dry, damp, wet and flooded holes.


• High Performance Epoxy: Shallower embedment depth required hence saving on materials
• Fire Resistant Structures: Tested up to 4 hours FRP with standardized fire curve (ISO 834)
• Fast Cure Formula: 2-hour cure time at 20°C for same day loading of anchors
• Cost savings: Less delay of work, less materials used, less nozzles used
• High Strength Non Shrink: Suitable for cored and oversized holes
• VOC Compliant: Virtually odorless, can be used indoors. LEED tested. Styrene free
• Water Insensitivity: Works in wet, flooded holes and under water applications.
• Approved for cracked, uncracked and seismic zones.


• Structural applications
• Rebar and starter bars
• Safety barriers
• Balcony fences
• Rolling cranes
• Racking
• Heavy machinery
• Structural steel to concrete
• Dynamic load and seismic
• External applications
• Thin slab application


Suggested Specifications

Epoxy Chemical
• Two component, 100% solids (containing no solvents), non-sag paste, insensitive to moisture, grey in colour.
• Meets ASTM C881-99, Type IV, Grade 3 with the exception of gel time.
• Shrinkage during cure per ASTM D2566: 0.00004 in./in
• Compressive strength, ASTM D695: 71 MPa minimum
• Heat Deflection Temperature: 62°C minimum
• Water solubility: None
• Shelf life: Best if used within 18 months.

• Disposable, self-contained 650ml cartridge system capable of dispensing both epoxy components in the proper mixing ration.
• Epoxy components dispensed through a static mixing nozzle that thoroughly mixes the material and places the epoxy at the base of the pre-drilled hole.
• Cartridge markings: Include manufacturer’s name, batch number and best-used-by date, mix ratio by volume, ANSI hazard classification, and appropriate ANSI handling precautions.

Approvals / Listings

• HDB Prefabrication Technology Centre
• ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-3614
• Exova Warrington Fire resistance classification F240
• Sustained Load Compliant: Minimum 50 year intended anchor service life

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Technical Data and Documents

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