Self-Drilling Screws

Self-Drilling Screws

Established in Australia in 1917, Buildex® is an industry pioneer with innovations such as Hi-Grip®, ShankGuard® and Roof Zip®. Buildex® invented the Teks® self-drilling screws which revolutionized the roofing and cladding market and the rest is history.

All Buildex® fasteners are designed to do their particular job more efficiently and effectively than conventional fasteners. When you are using Buildex® Fasteners you are using the most modern fastener available. The Buldex® manufacturing plant in Victoria, Australia produces fasteners to exacting high standards of quality and are subjected to strict inspection and testing procedures.

While any direct competitor may meet minimum requirement of the traditional “accelerated” laboratory test, Buildex® exposes its fasteners to the combination of corrosive influences that exist in the “real world” including salt spray, humidity, uv light, acid rain and compatibility with roofing sheet.

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Only Buildex® uses Real World outdoor exposure testing to develop superior coatings


Buildex® has pioneered real world testing to measure actual corrosion performance of both Buildex® and competitor products.

Outdoor test sites exposes the fasteners to combination of corrosive influences that exists in the real world including salt spray, humidity, ultra-violet light, acid rain and compatibility with roof sheeting.

Coastal climates are generally highly corrosive and can extend tens of kilometers inland, depending on the prevailing winds and topography. Being located in the Southern hemisphere and surrounded by the worlds largest ocean regions, means that Australia is expose to more chlorides in the air than countries in the Northern hemisphere. Corrosion dramatically affects the performance of fasteners over their lifetime, subsequently affecting the long-term structural integrity of any construction.

As a result, Buildex® fasteners must be able to withstand the corrosive action in order to achieve a reasonable service life.

Our customers expect it!

Learn more about Corrosion and Real world Test >>

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